“Declare Independence, don’t let them do that to you”

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Artist Taxi Driver on Scotland Independence:

Declare Independence, great performance live from Glastonbury:

Official video:

“Declare Independence, don’t let them do that to you…”

Powerful video by Icelandic singer Bjork, a song that’s significant for Iceland, its freedom, so far the only country in the world to stand up to the banksters, and a model to others. Letting the banks fail was painful but by implementing policies to share the burden, Iceland has wiped out the debt caused by reckless bankster gambling and started again, with no QE (Quantitative Easing, i.e. borrowing money, way above the cost of running the country, for social and health services, for all…

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G4S Ride To The DWP’s Rescue, Bungling Fraud Suspects Handed Huge Government Contract


how to get tory contracts – be dirty rotten fraudsters. the vile G4s

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g4s-workfare Several hours after the DWP’s £300 million mass workfare scheme began and the DWP have finally decided who’s going to be running it.  The Financial Times are reporting that G4s will operate the flagship contract to provide Community Work Placements in six regions.  This is despite the fact that up until recently they were  banned from carrying out new public sector contracts due to concerns about fraud.  The company are currently under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office after over-charging huge sums on their electronic tagging contract.  Other companies with their snouts in the workfare trough include Pertemps, Seetec and Interserve.

G4S will use their experience fucking up the Work Programme to fuck up the Help To Work scheme of which the unpaid workfare placements are a key part.  Quoted in The FT, Sean Williams, managing director of G4S employment support services, said:  “Building on our experience on the Work…

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What The Fuck Does David Cameron Know About Poverty?


He knows there will never be enough jobs for everyone and that capitalism, and that the huge profits made by the obscenely rich depend on unemployment to keep wages down.

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cameron-toff There are few things more vile than listening to a man born into a multi-million pound fortune lecturing the rest of us about whether people are really poor or not.

David Cameron’s pathetic tirade about poverty this week – during which he accused one of the most senior figures in the Catholic Church of lying about the extent of vicious cuts to social security – was exactly what might be expected from an aloof, out of touch Prime Minister who’s never had to do a real day’s work in his life.

Cameron claims that Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols’ statement that the safety net of the welfare state has disappeared for many people is ‘just not true’.  After all, David Cameron doesn’t know any poor people and life in Chipping Norton is simply spiffing.  He goes on to say how lucky those unable to find a job are to be…

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Welcome Back To @UKJCP, DWP Censorship Attempt Falls Flat!

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The parody twitter account @UKJCP is back after the bungled attempt by the DWP to have them banned from twitter.  The spoof twitter feed, which has attracted a wide following, had been suspended from twitter after complaints from the DWP.

The DWP appear to have claimed that they wished to use the username @UKJCP and therefore twitter should close the satirical account.  A quick search shows that the DWP do not use these initials to describe the Jobcentre network yet they still attempted to claim ownership of them with the aim of censoring social media.

The DWP also claimed that some of @UKJCP’s tweets were ‘rude’ and potentially libelled the UK Government, politicians and the heads of large private sector organisations.  This is a…

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Jack Straw on child abuse: “The terms of the agreement did not include an apology”

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(not satire – unfortunately)

There is a disturbing detail not often mentioned related to the horrific case of prison officer Neville Husband who police now say abused more than 200 children in his ‘care’.

Husband tied up little boys, tortured them and repeatedly raped them. Police now say this happened on a ‘daily basis’.

Husband was finally imprisoned for the horrific abuse – but for some reason governments of every political shade fought compensation claims by the victims for years through every court they could. And when a few of the victims finally did receive some money in compensation – they discovered most of it had been eaten up by their legal fees which were not covered by the settlement.

None of the victims have been offered counselling or psychiatric help.

In fact they haven’t even received an official apology.

Because when Stephen Byers, the local MP for one of the victims…

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