atos kills

the atos assessment:


an average of 32 people per week are dying needlessly from this process.

their own figures say there “might be up to” 0.5% fraud in the system.

“tough love” is not protecting the poorest, nor is it giving taxpayers anything back.

it is only giving much needed cash to one of the governments pet companies, to pay huge bonuses to their bosses,

and provide a worse service than offered by the NHS.

putting vulnerable frightened unwell people through a totally rigged points system which will put them into jobcentres with no support whatsoever is inhuman.

a system developed by the UNum company in america (designed to avoid paying valid insurance claims, resulting in the company being fined 300 million dollars by the stae of california, and banned from trading in 6 countries), their team now working for the DWP.

it is creating an underclass of “useless eaters” as the nazis described disabled people, a view shared very much among the right wing.


i have not heard evidence to the contrary.

Calum’s List | This Welfare Reform Death Scandal Has To Stop


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