email to atos by Paul Binmunchkinn Barnard on Friday, 3 August 2012 at 11:13 ·

mail today to atos:


R customer relations Customer RelationsAtos Healthcare0113 2309175


Hi Maggie


i am extremely concerned that i am being expected to be assessed, under threat of benefit sanctions, next thursday at the chatham centre, but none of my questions that i have raised have been answered.

i have not been provided with a copy of the atos policy on recording both audio and video, to check whether it is legally binding for me.i have not been given any confirmation as to the qualifications of the person who will be conducting the assessment, in the areas stipulated by the DWP contract.


i am also deeply fearful and concerned after watching the two documentaries on channel 4 and bbc2 which clearly showed a massive discrepancy between the statements made by yourselves and the minister, regarding “targets” or “averages” on the percentage of people being passed for ESA unrelated to their actual medical condition, the actual target being 12% or approx 1 in 8.


there is also much talk of criminal charges being brought against the ministers involved, the DWP assessors, and atos HCP’s due to the massive amount of deaths being directly attributed to the WCA – at the moment 32 per week on average. particularly amongst the mentally ill, which is one of my medically documented you will have noted, i hope, from my original letter, i am very keen to prove that atos are NOT responsible for these things, and yet all evidence is now pointing squarely that this situatiuon is the can understand the impossible position this puts me in.i am unable to support myself without state benefits to which i am entitled, and yet it is looking more and more that the system that is being used is causing nothing but hardship and death to the people being put through it by the DWP – using yourselves as agents.


on a political note, i would suggets that when the time comes for legal action over these matters, my fear for atos is that the current political climate is to blame the agents, not the government, as witnessed with A4E, G4S recently.


i believe that I am unable to allow this process to proceed on a personal level, and request that you intervene to cancel any appointments until this situation has been resolved, possibly under some kind of public enquiry.



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