mental illness

i don’t think there is a “recovery” from mental illness.
there is no such thing as “mental illness” it’s a label for displaying a certain type of behaviour. so how can you recover?
as we are shamed by a system that only allows money, power and posessions to be valued – totally disregarding our humanity, what is seen as mental illness is the terrible conflict that this brings on.
the “mentally ill” are so locked up with rage and fear that this inhuman system creates.
its like a mental strait jacket, imposed by trying to conform to a system that simply doesn’t work for humanity. If you are well adjusted to this madness, that explains reading crap like the daily mail!
you can “straighten up and fly right” for a while with CBT or the like. 
polish yourself up and get back on the treadmill with all the other robots.
might last a while if your employer is lucky. but when a big one like a death, job loss or divorce comes up, there you go being “mentally ill again”
i believe being mentally ill is really the real you screaming for justice against a system that is designed to destroy you.
any “recovery” is just realising that the system is never going to be any good to you, there is no lasting happiness in it, and understanding what caused it in the first place – realising its the system thats wrong, not you or your fault.
until we as a species actually grow up and learn what really matters, people and the planet there will always be “mental illness”


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