rise of nazi power in britain

as i understand it, the nazi party rose to the power it did by appearing “strong” in a time of depression (created solely for the purpose of control by the banks) along with germany’s still hurting defeat after ww1. they used the services of the nephew of sigmund freud to create what came to be called propaganda – i e repeating a lie or exaggeration in ways that became almost hypnotic to the popul

ation in general.they then used this emotional leverage to scapegoat and attack the weakest members of society, calling them “useless eaters” and having public notices stating how much it “costs” to feed a disabled person for a year, asking whether the country can afford this in times of “austerity”.if these are not totally identical to what is happening in britain today, what is?the “stupid” people i believe the picture refers to are simply the people who are so trapped in their lives trying to survive this “austerity” who have also been indoctrinated by the corporate based school system not to think for themselves.this creates a suitable breeding ground for the rise of fascism, one of the dreadful by-products of the current capitalist money obsessed culture.a “better than – less than” culture.


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