I now believe that the people who are making decisions that affect our lives are sociopaths. this has been a terrible shock.

i believe that they are simply unable to understand humanity on any real level as they have themselves been abused and robbed of their humanity by a system that is endemic in its dehumanization. there is no point looking for their conscience or appealing to their better nature, as they have long lost any of these human qualities. they simply believe that they are right and cannot see anything apart from power and wealth.

i believe that to understand them we need to understand fascism or extreme prejudice.

I believe that there is no alternative to strong, firm no nonsense action in dealing with these people due to their inability to behave in any compassionate way or understand another human beings needs.

i hope that all the “real” people on these pages who do care can join together to firmly and clearly say NO to the sick and dysfunctional policies that will perpetuate the cruelty and fear that these systems rely on to control others.


we will always need to monitor and be aware of it, for they are the darkest part of us all and when we are all in fear even the strongest and most caring of us can so easily be drawn back to the evil.


i want a better world where this financial and emotional terrorism is held in abeyance by our own awareness and support for each other.

 i whole heartedly applaud the commitment of all of us doing what we can to challenge this indescribable ideology. 


i do not believe that the “system” will even acknowledge what is proposed in a reasonable way, i do not believe that is how it works.

however the simple fact that the people, such as doctors, who are committed to our well being have been dismissed in this way will be a glaring example of the sickness that is being allowed to destroy so many lives.

we must  then carry this message with all it implies to as many others as possible.

despite the corporate owned media blocking any show of protest, there are ways in which we can all contribute to removing this cancer from our world.


my simplest observation is that the system is flexing its muscles upon the “defenceless” now and will then spread its disgusting inhuman practices to everyone it sees as a threat.

i e all of us.

thank you for taking the time to read this. stay strong


2 thoughts on “sociopaths

  1. paul8ar says:

    neo-feudalism has been building since the war. Corporations are seen as having the same rights as human beings under law. But they can not die like humans.

    They are like the Barons given estates by the monarch. The ‘monarch’ in this case is the City of London and the Bar council being the administrators of corporate law that allows these ‘entities’ to exist.

    Corporations defend a monopoly position much like the Barons did in their estates under the original Feudalism.

    The tories have always defended vested intetests going back to when they defended the inheritors of feudalism with the corn laws which kept cheap corn out of England and enabled the estate owners to name their price for corn.

    It was the whigs that supported the new entrepreneurs in manufacturing that locked horns with the tories over allowing free markets.

    The whigs are loosely what we would categorise as ‘liberals’ and the Conservatives remain a coalition of the feudal defending tories and the capitalist ‘liberal’ whigs. The pendulum has swung so that now the Neo-Feudalist situation favours the traditional tory support for monoply.

    Nowhere on earth does real capitalism exist. China has state regulated monoply industrialisation. Russia has had ‘State Capitalism’ since Lenin promulgated it in 1923. The Corporations in America and Europe use copyright., monoply markets, advertising, and control of the media to circumvent a free market.

    We truely live in a Neo-Feudalist world in which power blocks vie fir global control. The thing that is conspicuous by its absence in all this is a free market.

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