my ideas for immediate solutions to this countries problemshaving seen proof on TV tonight that the WCA system is totally corrupted:

immediate cessation of the WCA

atos banned from trading in this country for 30 years


criminal charges against the HCP’s and directors/management of atos,and the DWP – ranging from manslaughter to criminal negligence.

collective prosecution of the government for crimes against humanity, fraud and illegal trading ( giving public money to firms that they are involved with)immediate reinstatement of all full benefits to anyone who has been through the WCA

compensation for the families of anyone who has died since assessed by atos

an immediate public enquiry into the workings of the DWP and atos

immediate termination of all private companies involved in healthcare and government contracts

immediate cessation of privatisation of the NHS

reinstatement of any staff lost through the cuts

public enquiries into corporations who have lobbied parliament during the last 15 years

nationalisation of all public services.

removal of the government forthwith due to their dishonesty, exampled by their lies over the WCA/atos

removal of the banks or to be nationalised.

removal of any corporation involved in any armed services training.

creation of real training schemes to help people to get back to work, if they truly are able.complete restructuring of the education system

thats just to start with.please feel free to add any ideas i have love for our humanity.


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