thrown out of two “assessments” for allegedly intimidating their staff

Here’s one for you guys – got thrown out of two “assessments” for allegedly intimidating their staff (asking for written details why i can’t record myself, and stating that i believe the system is rigged to pass 1 in 8 and that they are killing people – and my notes might be for a legal action)
then got a letter the working day before third one, stating that if i intimidate any more staff i would be “referred to the DWP” (- sanctions…) not giving me time to do anything about it such as taking legal advice.
of course i failed the 3rd, as i knew i was very likely to, with zero points for my back and mental health problems.
i then complained about the allegations of intimidation, which the DWP also mentioned in writing, and they are not backing down.
so – got our lovely advocacy lady to help me with the appeal, she showed me the descriptors for the WCA. intimidating behaviour is 15 points straight away.
as she said, they can’t have it both ways! add to this all the exaggerations and other things that are simply not true, or twisted to look “fit for full time work” and its just what i believed, totally corrupt and just plain wrong.
ta for taking the time to read this.