“If you want to change people’s behaviour there is the carrot and the stick. Liberals never want to use the stick, while Conservatives use all available means at their disposal, unhampered by the cowardly, pathetic and effeminate liberal obsession to be indiscriminately compassionate.”

this is a response by a group whose purpose is to strip ” slut single mothers” of their benefits. their policy is based on, amongst other things, that the feminist movement has caused women to become promiscuous and compete with men for sexual “scores” causing a rise in irresponsibly conceived children, and therefore a loss of old fashioned family values. at no time was the care of these children discussed, btw.
along with keeping myself and a another campaigner busy yesterday afternoon, arguing with the tirade of hate driven justifications for this obscene viewpoint, the above statement was one of the final shots.
taking the “script” apart, i would argue thus.
who said you had any right to change people’s behaviour in the first place? – apart form rendering the rest null, this is a basic truth for me.
generalisation –” liberals never want to use the stick”. its doesn’t work on any level, unless you want people to live in fear of punishment (could be a big clue there…)

conservatives use all available means at their disposal” whilst trying to portray the C word as some kind of, what, powerful maker of things to happen, the underlying scorched earth mentality just means that the end justifies the means. dunno where to start with that one – at the least bullish focus on results, inability to pause and reflect on the effects of such, terminator like inhuman pushing to get wherever it is, and simply no responsibility for any damage to others in pursuit of the goal. not to mention obsession and totalitarian methods.
“unhampered by the cowardly pathetic and effeminate liberal obsession to be indsicrimminately compassionate”
unhampered – not tied to any true responsiblity for actions hidden as “on purpose and focused” perhaps?
cowardly – i personally think acts of kindness are courageous. cowards bully and use force instead of sharing strength.
pathetic – in what way? pathos is the true sadness, and allowing oneself to be vulnerable
effeminate – dismissing both the (assumed male) sexuality, and using the feminine to become an insult. actually using and observation of a state of being as an insult “effeminate, orange, tall, short, new old” – just descriptive words.
liberal obsession – staright projection – transferring their own obsession outwards and perceiving it in others, being unable to in any way reflect on their own behaviour but hating it just the same.
“to be indiscriminately compassionate” – i don’t think compassion in its true sense can discrimminate – its something we are, not something we do. acts may be described as this, but the sense that invokes them is felt within. and it is something that again is used as a weapon of hate, criticism when it is a true virtue, i suspect flowing form a compassionate view of ones self.

my only conclusion is that anyone who would say such things is a severely damaged rage filled person, lashing out at those perceived as more vulnerable who will be seen as threats.
would you want this person living near you? i bloody wouldn’t!

but people the like of this are running our world today. and amking decisions that affect us all.

welcome to the 4th reich!

full text of a fight with a fascist


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