suing companies – like the DWP

via Steve Hanaghan

DWP trading under the name job center plus is public limited company with public liability insurance…

ANY company that causes distress, anxiety or hardship by their own rules and EU customer protection can be and should be issued with A NOTICE OF TORT in ENGLAND and a NOTICE OF DELECTI in SCOTLAND…..

then go to your local court office PLC…and fill out an affidavit…

this brings the company, that needs a third party to represent it….from their PRIVATE sector into the PUBLIC sector……..


fck solicitors and lawyers…they are all crooks and take an oath to the crown just to be in their lying fcking profession….

layers hav 3 people above you that demands their loyalty…they are crooks and part of the grand illusion of authority and who has it….

we are soveriegn…we hav the power… it yourself….

remember courts are companies too…

the judge is not a judge…but a BANKER under maritime law…which is how our fraudulent court system is run….

so treat him as such and instruct the banker to instruct the company you are suing to pay up….

thats it….thats all you need the BANKER/JUDGE for….nothing more….

everything must be put on paper…in maritime courts…the spoken word is just ignored….must be written down….hence the affidavit…which costs about 30 quid to file

and a bit of ammo…..when you go up against any company……ask yourself WHAT IS A COMPANY……

and when yev exhausted allthe obvious answers…its people….eh its a crowd of….eh….its a……WELL IT IS A BIT OF PAPER….thats what a company is…..

it cannot give evidence…it cannot speak… cannot live in the first person as you and i can…..


but will back ofoid further court action…if you confront them…..

one judge said to me…they are not companies….i produced the dun and bradstreet printout…showing DWP to be a PLC company….

and she looked all sheepish and said….well yes financially they are….

so i said to her you are part of their system and are lying to protect them…..she ended interview and gave me 15 points….the cow


17 thoughts on “suing companies – like the DWP

  1. Jayne Linney says:

    Great Find Paul x

  2. Darryl Mott says:

    Brilliant well done Paul ,am going to look at doing it myself.

  3. Reblogged this on forcemajeure007 and commented:

  4. says:

    Asking questions are really fastidious thing if you are not understanding something fully, however this post provides
    fastidious understanding yet.

  5. Carole Frost says:

    i never knew you could sue DWP for imcompitance i,ll look that one up .

  6. Robert says:

    Brilliant man great find

  7. Stephen Bee says:

    Re-blogged on my FB Page

  8. Arten says:

    15 points for what? And how can she give you anything if you are the Administrator and Beneficiary of your own account/trust and she is the Trustee.

    I have not gone the hole hog yet, in declaring myself to be a Free man and sending in my affidavit to Buck house. However, I have not lost a single case I have entered into of my own volition and I have not even been into their corrupt Admiralty courts. And there is no trepidation on my part when that day comes because I have something they don’t have and that is the God given skill of hypnotic language. Like God guided the tongue of Aaron I will be guided in similar fashion. Use Common Law to trump their legislated rules every time.

    ‘Nil carborundum illegitemi’

    • paul8ar says:

      tell me more…! i am currently pretty much going under as i can’t keep up with the thieving and games of the system. and i’m sure i’m not the only one.
      let the crooks play their games, but now its personal.

      • Arten says:

        Well with me once I realized I had created the money I told the bank I would no longer be paying them back it was 10k. I issued all the notices but they ignored them and sent in house solicitor letters to me, which I responded to stating my reason why I would not acquiesce to their unlawful demands. They then sold the debt on to debt collectors and I just returned all mail back to them maked Unsolicited mail, Return to Sender, No Contract No Consent. In the five years since I made the decision I have had no one knock at the door. (The only knock was after I sent an e-mail to Bliar calling him a war criminal and yes I am an ex British soldier but we live and hopefully learn. That is bye the bye).
        After fending off the Third party interlopers about 3 years ago the Bank wrote back to me and said; if you pay 5k we will be happy with that. I said in reply, what debt I am God. I have heard nothing about it since and I am well aware of the 6 year rule.
        I refused to register for the vote and since I have stood my ground they stopped threatening me and started sending me polite letters asking if I would like to register, I respectfully declined.
        I refused to pay the Tv licences and that one was funny because i did use some hypnosis on the guy who knocked on my door. That was two years ago and I have heard nothing since.
        I sent back the census but it was blank I cut the barcode off and when the compliance officer knocked I told him in all honesty and with a wry smile on my face I had sent it back.
        The most interesting thing I have done is pay my utility bills with Negotiable instruments. One company wrote me a very nice letter now hidden in the family bible 🙂 thanking me for sending them my payment which they would process in 10 days. Anyway 6 months later they are sending me a letter informing me I have failed to pay and they were issuing court proceedings against me. I wrote back quoting the ref number on the letter they sent thanking me for payment and that knocked the wind out of their corrupt sails. They then wrote a grovelling apology and had the temerity to ask me for my bank details. I refused and said I am not an employee of your corporation I have sent you payment for the next 20 years and if you have lost that payment then you are liable for the loss. That was the end of that, I have heard no more since. I did the same with my ISP its great fun being able to turn the tables on these corporations who are evading billions in taxes. I encourage others to do the same, the more people who show fortitude and take on this corrupt and pernicious system, the quicker it will collapse. The secret for me is to have fun treat it like a game of chess, anticipate what your opponent is going to do next and use prophylaxis to prevent him. This means for me more money for books, chess and beer.

        I had six honest serving men they taught me all I knew,
        their names were Where, What and When and Why, How and Who
        Rudyard Kipling

  9. Mark says:

    1. A government department can not register itself as a business or corporate body… FACT

    2. D & B is a credit reference agency not a company directory like companies house… FACT

    3. FMOTL has no legal basis or any of its off shoots… FACT

    Fact is that too many people are taken in by this misinformation which can easily be debunked if you look for the real information buried under all of this sh*t.

    • paul8ar says:

      thanks for that Mark. i felt that this needed clarifying. and if it was as simple as Steve suggests, i doubt we wouldn’t be in this mess. but i posted it in the hope that we could all find a way forward.
      i haven’t given up faith in humanity, but starting to see how good these people are at stealing our resources. or we are at letting them do it…
      what’s FMOTL?

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