i fear for humanity when i see people who are so rooted in these hateful narrow blinkered ideas.

“from a group on facrbook:

I would just like to share with you a comment i received today from a Tory supporter.
I think it shows the coldness and darkness they have inside them instead of a little compassion and how they assume things of people less fortunate than them.( I am lucky i work full time but he still assumes that i am also a so called scrounger )

You really don’t get it do you its not David Cameron or the Tories who make the laws its parliament Labour Conservative liberals and all the other independents MPs who vote then in and FACT it was under labour government that the change in benefits was first suggested and i as a responsible parent will never let my kids live on the street nor will i expect them to scrounge from the government my kids both have jobs and own there own homes and both are under 25 i will enjoy my life thank you and its a fact that most people who claim DLA are nothing more than scrounging bums who have never had a job in thee life and please don’t bore me with more of your bullshit about people who need it i am 1 of the people who qualify for it but choose not to claim it i have terminal condition which prevents me from leading a normal life but unlike you people i don’t dwell on it and i don’t scrounge of the government so i can spend it on drugs and play stations and x boxes and new mobile phones .”



i fear for humanity when i see people who are so rooted in these hateful narrow blinkered ideas. luckily there are emotionally intelligent and open minded among us as well. 
my ray of hope is that these “set in stone” and hopelessly financially addicted ways will have no choice but to be swept away as the money/debt opression collapses due to its inherently unsustainable and fatally flawed basis. 
the obvious terror that makes people cling to beliefs like this can be changed to an open and honest respect for ourselves and our world with enough of us “being the change we want to see” i pity them really, those that are so lost in the myth of money and power, and feel concern for their children who have been indoctrinated to also be part of this insanity.


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