Status update By Occupy Earth – Planet Earth is a slave planet.

Status update
By Occupy Earth
Planet Earth is a slave planet.

The slaveowners have enough savings that the interest on their savings acts as a salary. They will never work a day in their life, nor will any of their children ever need to.

The slaves have so little money that they must borrow it to provide themselves with a home, with food, with education or with transportation. When they borrow money they are charged interest on it. This extra money the slaves must pay back is then given to the slaveowners in the form of interest on their savings. In this way, the global system of banking and money effectively removes savings, property, material possessions and any other kind of wealth from the slaves and returns it to the slaveowners.

Because all ‘money’ is loaned to governments by a private bank at interest, there will never be enough money to pay all the debts on Earth, so the slavery system is self-renewing and will never end.

The vast majority of slaves on planet Earth live in denial of their slavery to such an extent that many believe they are ‘free’ despite how blatant and obvious the slavery system is. The slaveowners maintain a zeitgeist of distractions, and ensure drugs that stupefy the slaves are freely available. While there are not enough slaveowners to control all the slaves, some slaves are given marginally more preferential treatment in return for keeping the rest of their species downtrodden and exploited. Because of the slaves’ denial of their slavery, they will all die in slavery, and all their children will be born into slavery.

While all slaves have the choice to opt out of their slavery at any time, and into a free system where humans are in balance with the Earth, to live outside slavery seems so peculiar to the slaves that – as in the allegory of Plato’s Cave – they treat any such option as unrealistic, utopian, or just plain impossible. In fact, the slaves ridicule, marginalise, ignore or destroy any slaves who dare suggest the concept.

Unfortunately, the slavery system itself is extraordinarily inefficient. After more than a thousand years it is systematically destroying the last of the food that both the slaves and slaveowners need to eat, the water that the slaves and slaveowners need to drink, and the air that the slaves and slaveowners need to breathe. 

Nobody knows exactly when they will run out completely, destroying the slave planet and every living thing on it.

This is Occupy Earth


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