a message to feckless scrounging non-striving plebs like me.

George Osborne included a horses’ paddock on his Commons expenses www.mirror.co.ukHis outrageous claim for the land is exposed after experts demolished the Chancellor’s pretence that his brutal policies are fair.
one day i am sure we will accept our proper place of complete servitude to our corporated elite betters, and be happy to fight each other for the scraps they throw to us.
we will realise that we have no rights and our only only purpose is to slave for them til we drop, not burden them with expectations that we want some of the vast sums of money we pay in taxes, and this money no longer is due to pay for things we don’t need. like public services and benefits, which they have grudgingly let us scrounge up til now. like a charity gift.
one day we may wake up and see that we don’t need any luxuries, like heat, good food , clean water and other unnecessary comforts – and that working 16 hours a day 365 days a year, to ensure that they have everything they deserve is our only purpose, and as we fall and die we will know that we have done the right thing. the true meaning of striving.
our children will also know that this is the only reason we were born – to serve the elite with the only thing we have of value, our slavery.
but it won’t be today.


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