email sent today to Virgin Media  – just sick and tired of it all now. 


From:Paul R Barnard ;

Cc:CEO ; ;

Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2012 3:01 PM

Subject: despicable service with virgin media phone and internet connection – charges thereof.


Dear Sir


yet again i find myself having to consider no longer trading with your company.

after being assured a second time by one of you representatives that costs would be kept to a minimum, which i agreed to verbally, i have recieved another account which is impossible to pay.

i no longer respect the word of your company, having not honoured verbal agreements in the past.

if the situation is not resolved within seven days i will have no choice but to insist that all connections to my property are removed, equipment collected at your cost.

i will also be invoicing you for the sum of £500 for damages, my time spent trying to resolve this situation, misrepresentation and trading standards violations.

this invoice will be payable within 30 days and followed up with a claim in the courts.

these will also be followed up with a complaint to ofcom regarding what appears to be “saying one thing and doing another” , in other words falsehoods promises and hiking agreed prices.

the only communication will be in writing in future, and this will be used in any legal proceedings which i will be taking.


please feel assured that i am not threatened by large companies “charging what they like” and will exercise the full extent of my consumer rights.

i do not need to remind you that i have been a good and loyal customer with your company, and notified yourselves immediately of my change in circumstances, despite my chronic pain.


the lack of suitable service from your company followed by blatant disregard for agreements made with youir representatives on two separate occasions, followed by being either left on hold, or disconnected whilst having again to call 150 on tuImageesday evening by Anu Phenang, the supervisor at your call centre is entirely unacceptable.

this was after a further call from someone called Julie who informed me that “calls to mobiles” had been made on my line. i immediately reported this as tampreing or theft, which Julie informed me she “could not deal with and i need to call 150” – something i was not willing to do, due to the poor state of my health.


i am pursuing legal advice at the earliest opportunity, as due to the previous experience with your company illegally adding charges to my account which have not been agreed to, will i am sure become a legal matter very swiftly, and i am not prepared to be villified by yourselves, when i have made every reasonable effort to play fair.


i look forward to your response in writing within 7 days.

Paul Barnard

(after my original email below, i was phoned by someone from virgin customer care team, and after a long discussion i agreed to keep the service at a total cost of £23 per month, for as long as i could maintain it – with the agreement that if i had to then cancel due to cost, it would be ok, i e no cancellation charges – they know they can’t get blood out of a stone – or so i thought. then the bill arrived!

—– Original Message —–

From:Paul R Barnard

Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 11:33 AM

Subject: Fw: problems following the work capability assessment


Dear Mr Berkett


it is with the deepest sorrow that i must inform you of my current situation.


i orginally spoke to your customer services on 19th october, having been informed that i was to get no benefit following the above assessment, as many other hundreds of thousands of disabled have found. i had no choice but to immediately stop all my direct debits.


at the time i spoke to a lovely girl called Victoria, and i would like your assurance she will be commended for her genuine attempt to help out,

we decided that i would go to a phone/internet only deal for about £18 per month, and go to monthly bills, hoping for a result from applying for an appeal.

i then recieved on friday an email stating that i now owe a total of £83, obviously impossible for me to pay, even should some payment be offered by the DWP.


i queried this, and after an exhaustive hour long call on fridaty, it seems that i am being charged the full £35+ for two months plus a £10 late fee.

again at odds with the discussion on oct 19th.


i had intended to pursue this and make effort to maintain the deal of £18 per month if possible. the phone and internet are invaluable to me.


however, on saturday i have received a letter regarding my housing benefit stating that it has been reduced by £25 per week adding to a shortfall of £8 per week anyway,. along with a letter from the DWP saying they have awarded me £70 per week.

as you can see this leaves me with £37 per week to pay for food, bills etc.

as you can imagine this is an impossible situation to give a commitment to virgin, or any other company, for any kind of services.


i can only apologise for the dreadful state of affairs, but as there is no prospect of me being able to work full time due to my health, or my old benefit of approx £100 per week being reinstated i have no choce in this.


please be kind enough to forward this to your customer services, and billing departments, and i will await the bailiffs letters.


yours sincerely

Paul Barnard


being promised one thing and charged much more – Virgin Media


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