emails to keep the snoopers busy? dunno – here’s why…

i originally copied this thinking iy would be a good game. it might be. it would involve snoopers monitoring emails etc for certain phrases and words. they might do.

this brings up a few thoughts – who would monitor these anyway? would it not have to be done by search type robot algorhithms? i expect so.

maybe more profound – would any potential terrorist, if there is such a thing, actually use email, web pages or other electronic unsecure froms of communication in this way?

they would have to be as daft as the people who monitor such things. 

who knows. i think we live in a world of pointless aggression and sabre rattling. so amny of us are hooked into these cat and mouse games, including me. 

its another distortion of a natural desire, like debt, shame, blame. the need for leaders and toxic relationships.

the need for power, knowledge – gaining the advantage. all those distractions that seem so important.

this is the original post. i wonder if its been clocked. not sure it matters any more.

now, lets say lots of naughty people , which we are most certainly not, decidedto bury the text below in say, white on white text in the footer or something, and send a mail to all the people they knew. maybe that mail could say”have you heard that there’s a joke goin about at the mo, that the gubberment are spying on us, and buried in this mail is a statement that would be flagged up by that. i have sent this to all the people in my contacts. if you like the joke maybe you would do the same, if you don’t like my joke please feel free to delete it. take care”that might be great fun and larks, and as its a joke and there’s no spies no one would get annoyed or antsy about it.

“That advice you gave me was the bomb! We had gangs of fun. The first movie was a riot; but Larry had some kind of toxic cloud of gas and I swear I needed a Hazmat suit. Anyway – we went to a Middle Eastern restaurant in San Diego and I couldn’t get a pork sandwich…because they don’t eat pork. But the waiter was like some kind of Al-Shabaab home grown terrorist that I just knew was hiding some kind of weapons cache in the other room so I wasn’t going to offend him.”


One thought on “emails to keep the snoopers busy? dunno – here’s why…

  1. Ron says:

    I doubt the colour of the text matters one iota. The words exist, they can be “seen” in a keyword search.

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