could my MP please respond directly to the reality of the welfare reforms?

a response, but not to my question..

a response, but not to my question..

DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0049Dear Sir

i thank you for your letter and the copy of the letter from Mr Hoban,
outlining the intentions of the welfare reforms.
i would first re-iterate that i fully support a re-visiting of the welfare
system. especially where it applies to the disabled who may have limited
capability for work.
there has long been a lack of proper considered support for those who were
unable to work in the traditional sense, and very few options for those that
would, of course, wish to be able to re-engage with all the benefits of
taking part in the social and esteem building offered by an informed and
supportive work environment., or work-like environment.
this could for some people be a commercial working environment, or with an
organisation fully versed in the many and varied needs of the individual
ways in which every person’s disability manifests itself.

i have found such an environment at The Sunlight Centre and as soon as i
could, i was grateful to take a postion there safe in the knowledge that
this organisation would do all it could to support me, which it has excelled
this arrangement has without any doubt been very succesful for both myself
and the Sunlight for 3 years now, during which time my chronic spinal
problems have worsened, and the arrangement has been adjusted accordingly.
for me, this is a shining example of the policy that this government are
claiming to be their intentons, to be assessed by the WCA, implemented on
behalf of the DWP by the french IT company, Atos.

I have included my previous communication to re-state very clearly that
instead of supporting me to continue what appears to be an example of what
the govt policy clearly states, the reality is in fact the opposite. i am
now finding it all but impossible to continue this example of what the govt
are saying is their intention.
i am now asking you to explain the following in terms as they apply to my
particular situation.

referring to my previous situation, have i in fact got this wrong? that it
is not the government intention to support those who are able to perform
limited work allowing for the fact that disabilities fluctuate and a
disabled person who has been claiming benefit is unable to offer an employer
a full time commitment on a clear regular basis, as would someone who is not
all disabled are now expected to perform “work” in the same way that someone
who is not disabled.

that their are serious and fundamental flaws in the way in which the policy
is being implemented, as clearly and undeniably shown by my experience. i
can also provide evidence of many thousands of other ways in which this is
the case, and this is supported by the BMA and all the support agencies
helping many thousands of disabled through the terrible, in many cases
fatal, and ultimately costing taxpayers like myself many millions more
pounds. there is also much evidence to agree with this from the charities
who support the disabled with their lives in general, and now find
themselves in crisis due to this system.

again i must ask you to respond directly to the questions i have asked here,
and would again assure you of my sincerity in sending you again the
reality – as experienced by myself and many hundreds of thousands of other
people who may have “limited capability for work”
i personally cannot see a way froward with this and would like some clarity
as to the true intentions of this government.

Paul Barnard