Why this government must be removed immediately

This government have abused the economic situation to further their own agendas.
They have used propaganda similar to the Nazis to create hatred of the vulnerable.
Their responsibility should be to help, guide and prepare the country to face the economic meltdown, and protect as much as possible our society against the financial horror story that’s unfolding.
Instead they have abused their position to divide, both socially and financially, the people.
Creating and stoking any prejudices and hatreds that were already present, to a fever pitch of fear and blame within our society.
Using the worst possible policies, like the myth of austerity, to maintain and deepen any economic problems. While protesting all the time that they are doing the opposite.
We seem to accept a level of corruption with our ‘right honourables’ as a sort of joke, but now we need a system that takes responsibility for a transition into a very different financial system, if it’s possible to salvage any of it. Not a bunch of greedy corporate crooks who run mafia style, with threats and deception to keep ‘power’  as my Tory mp likes to say.
It’s most like a kind of looting to me. These criminals know that the system is dead, and are quite blatantly trying to grab all the money and power they can before we catch on to what they are doing.
Check out ‘disaster economics’ by Naomi Klein for the patterns.
And the Bolivian water wars show how the corporations abuse our needs to their own gain.

We need to remove them to where they can do no more damage to us.


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