Basic income and feudalist thinking – 21st century hardware running 17th century thinking.

Basic income, tech and the 1%

Odd that the percentage who would “abuse” basic income is about 1%. Perhaps the insult to humanity, ie that people would become lazy, stems from classic Freudian projection on the part of the uber wealthy?
I know most of us would choose to contribute to our society if the shackles of wage slavery were released.

Wage work as we know it is dead.
The systems for financial distribution, and social adaptation don’t work.
Our political system is incapable of adapting to needed evolving models.
The myth that there is no money, therefore austerity etc are based on this attempt to keep doing what didn’t work in the first place.

If there are people, then there is work to be done.

Tech is taking over many menial tasks.
It is testament to the basic fatal flaws in our existing systems that this inevitable reality is abused to increase the wealth divide.
If nothing else, progress being used to further increase debt and poverty, must be seen glaringly as the inherent corruption in our present social , financial and political system

you call the support line.
there’s a round of machines to get through, and you might get through to a call center in a country where the labour is cheaper.

thats great (sort of) technology has replaced many of the more mundane and soul destroying “jobs” in some ways. kind of.

its happening everywhere. as corporations realise that the biggest cost is wages and are finding ways to use new systems to replace them.

thats progress. like it or not i believe its the way forward. why not?  if we can get a machine to do an adequate job, brilliant.

so theres a whole army of people that are now not needed for those mundane tasks.

humans capable of learning, thinking and creating. building better systems. getting involved in social projects. starting caring humane ideas to improve the plasnet, their communities.

you get the picture. the sky’s the limit. literally.

why is that not happening, at least i can’t see it. not in any real sense.

i think its the inherent greed in the way we do capitalism. the competition vs cooperation between the corporations.

the present, 17th century industrial revolution based separatist thinking that our systems are still living in. lack of faith and trust. need for more, like an addiction.

i think thats where it stops dead. instead of those corporations saying “wow we’ve got all this spare labour now. how can we build up the human side. invest in the future. create with all the assets we have…” you get the picture?

the way it is now, thats a dead end. all those people, all that experience, all that loyalty and human desire for continuity wasted. those workers thrown on what looks like the scrapheap.

(maybe leave the uk govts way of pushing those people into slavery for now. no surprise, really. thats their way of seeing things…)

can we start to get together. get all of us talking, thinking, working on the next step. evolution. cooperation.

i don’t think we have any other choice. the system needs to evolve. we are the ones who can do that.  we have to.




Debt free money:

The wayseer manifesto:

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2 thoughts on “Basic income and feudalist thinking – 21st century hardware running 17th century thinking.

  1. paul8ar says:

    all the time our financial political and social systems are based on neo feudalism we will keep having these fights. all these have not changed since the industrial revolution, when we were peasant workers, and ruled over by feudal barons.
    think about it. that’s where the evolution needs to happen.
    if we can stop looking for leaders, but own our own power in true equality, and start working towards a creative and humane future.
    they can’t be real freedoms and rights if they can be taken away.

  2. paul8ar says:

    “Employment will shrink, social wealth will grow and be shared more equally, and we can start rejoicing instead of despairing about the end of work. As Marshall Brain says, humanity can go on a permanent vacation.”

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