When will the public realise that no one is safe from these corporate bastards?

“please make sure this annoymous. In
January I had to go for my medical again.
7months ago I won my appeal however
living on reduced rate meant I lived without
heating, hot water and barely any food. I
also put myself into debt by not being able
to pay some of my bills. I suffered through
this making my mental state fragile and
health worse. My nervous were so bad at
the medical I threw up for days beforehand
and couldn’t stop shaking. I explained all
my conditions and how the got worse with
stress. We stopped several times as I
thought I was going to pass out.
On Monday I got a call from the decision
maker telling me I scored zero points. I
started crying down the phone the idea of
going through an appeal again is horrible.
I have just finished 7months of councilling
to get over the last time which almost killed
me. Will I cried down the phone the women
explained I should go on jobseekers. I
explained that I couldn’t coz I’m signed off
and my health isn’t up to it. She then told
me they were stopping my money that day
I wouldn’t get paided on Friday as
planned. I broke down saying that I
couldn’t cope and wanted to die. She then
said well that’s your choice and again not
expect any money. She could see on my
medical I have a history of self harm. I
started crying more knowing I only have
£10 to live on and have no food and only
£2.50 in electricty.
It was at this point the uncaring women
said I don’t care what you do and Hung up
on me.
I have suffered from severe
since 13 and use to self harm. After years
of councilling I got my life together got a
job, got a flat everything was going a lot
better. Until one night I became extremely
ill was rushed to hospital. I spent three
days then they sent me home with meds
as they need the bed. I could hardly walk I
was in so much pain.
I ended up I lost my job as I couldn’t move
without pain. I spent 8months stuck in the
house I became to scared to go outside.
Finally I got my operation because they
had left me so long I had a lot of internal
damage which couldn’t be fixed. I simply
got let down by the nhs. After this phone
call I felt very sucidal after I started self
harming again something I haven’t did in
over 9years.
This is what is uncaring system is doing to
people right now all I have is no money, no
electricity and a freezing home which I
might not have for much longer. How is
this meant to help my health and get me
back to work. Please post this anonymously”


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