More corporate fun! This time Brutish Gas…

Dear sirs.

I am deeply offended by the tone of your mail to me, it is unacceptable.
I require a full detailed explanation for the massive charges you appear to think you have a right to send me.
In the light of the conversation I had with you in October, where I was informed that due to my regular overpayments via direct debit, I was “well in front and had no worries”
That was the call where I informed you that I had had my benefit removed, via the current corporate govt policy to persecute the disabled and poor.
It is entirely stupid to threaten me, and also ridiculous considering my financial position.
I would further point out two things. Should you decide to charge “extra charges” to me, absolutely none of them will be paid. This is non negotiable. I have informed you of that in writing here.
Similarly, I am informing you in writing here that I absolutely forbid you to share any of my personal data with any and all third parties, including parasitic collection agencies, in accordance with the data protection act.

I also require confirmation that the payment I made recently had been received, as it would appear from the insulting and derogatory tone of this disgusting email that has not been acknowledged.
Perhaps you could take some lessons in courtesy and a reminder of who pays your wages, creating the several billion pounds profit your corporation enjoys, whilst many millions are unable to heat or eat due to the blatant greed of your policies.

I require a suitable response within 48 hours.

Paul Barnard


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