I have written this little discourse on the ‘something for nothing’ culture that Iain Duncan Smith appears to believe we live in.

Most of his fellow Tory mp’s have inherited millions; something for nothing. Most current mp’s of all flavours, if they weren’t privileged and born wealthy enjoyed a free education; something for nothing. So if you want to do away with the ‘something for nothing’ culture, look to your own house first.

Now, to us peasants, who are sitting back, expecting something for nothing.

Take the incapacitated, the unemployed and the single parent. Why do (or did?) we pay them benefits?

Well, if we didn’t, they would starve, freeze, die of disease or possibly be beaten to death by mobs whipped up by frenzied journalists misreporting and politicians complicit in their lies.

The reason we pay them, from the public purse is for their potential. Every disabled, unemployed or…

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