To ask for jobs is to ask for slavery. You don’t need jobs, you need access to resources.

If you’re in the process of petitioning your government, your local MP, senator, representative, whatever for jobs, then kindly go home, look in the mirror and give yourself a hefty slap in the face. This is the 21st century. To ask for jobs is to ask for slavery. You don’t need jobs, you need access to resources.Did

 you know that if we got rid of futile concepts such as land ownership and patents, we could automate this planet so that 75% of working people could retire tomorrow?

Did you know that within one decade we could increase that retirement percentage to 95%?

Did you know that we as a species already have the technology to start doing this? Cars can drive themselves, machines can perform complicated operations, and any job related to money, law, or the marketing mix is utterly redundant.

Are we fucking nuts? We’re living on a slave planet in which things are about to crash into global poverty and destruction, when we could be living in paradise where the only work you can get is working for the immediate betterment of ALL humankind! Imagine that – whenever you’re working and you have a good idea, it’s instantly transmitted around the world and the ENTIRE SPECIES says, “Nice work dude, that makes everything easier”. Only 5% of the global population will work at all, but even then it’ll only be a couple of hours per month and the waiting list will be ten marathons long. Everyone else will just be enjoying life, pushing the boundaries of art, science and philosophy, and bringing up their children to be astonishing leaders of tomorrow instead of FMCG-hungry money whores turned psychopath by human culture and peer pressure.

And please don’t come out with all that politician-style ignorant rhetoric about idealism and utopia bla bla bla. Just because YOU haven’t heard of it, or realised that some people are already doing this, or that there’s a plan based upon 75+ years research, and it includes some of the best scientists, engineers and technicians from all over the planet then don’t drag the rest of the species down with your indoctrinated closed-mindeness and utter ignorance. Lose the ego and do your research – there’s this thing…called the internet…

It IS possible, there IS a plan, it’s already happening. The concept is the resource-based economy, the international organisation is The Venus Project, and the reason your political, religious, and financial leaders aren’t talking about it is because either they’re scared to see their own pathetic little empires dissolved into obscurity, or because they’re as thick as shit.

This is Occupy Earth.


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