alert – new scam via disreputable foreign owned corporations!

imagine if you will the following conversation:

me: hullo is that customer services? hi having some problems at the mo. my deal with your company for £30 per month is finished in a few months, but i have lost over £70 per week and its a real struggle. is there anything you can do? really sorry but i have no choice.

salesman: sure sir, tell you what, we have this amazing deal for only £6.90 per month inc vat. gives about double what you have been used to, and for only an extra £5 inc vat you can have all the internet you will ever need! how’s that sound? and its only a year contract. as you have been a loyal customer for 4 years i can do this for you.

me: wow, that’s a no-brainer. absolutely marvellous. woo-hoo! can it start from next month? and you’re sure that’s it? definitely all in for £11.90 per month…?

salesperson: absolutely sir! its a great deal, eh? would you like me to sort that out for you?

me: yes please! if it’s really that good, i’m up for that! bring it on. yippee!

salesman: that’s fine – is there anything else?

me: no that’s great, thank you very much and you have a nice day!

first bill turns up – £25

wtf? hmmm… maybe there was some left to pay last month… dunno, see how it goes next month.

next month: £20

and 3 days later the following: “if you don’t pay this within 48 hours you will go straight to hell, bad credit, plague of toads. the hounds from hades will descend upon your hopeless body, and your soul will be owned by beelzebub for all eternity! ( you get the picture. insert your favourite darkest nightmare here. loadsa guilt…) all the best”

this is my response




sent to the chinese billionaire slave owner owned Three today:
i have recieved an abusive, rude and threatening text from your company:
“From Three: If you don’t pay your overdue bill within 24 hours, your service will be suspended. Please call 400 or go to Thanks”

please note im the clearest terms possible that i do not tolerate such threats from anyone.

furthermore upon calling the machine on the number, i find that for some strange, but now disgustingly common, reason there seems to be the usual error in charges to your favour.
namely the agreed amount of £6.90 (inc vat) plus £5.00 (inc vat) which i was quoted and assured was accurate, has now been increased to over £18.
i have, under protest at the arrogant rudesness of your policies, paid the agreed £11.90 today.

hiking prices like this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated either.
please respond to me within 48 hours with full confirmation in writing that this error on your part has been rectified, and a guaramntee that there will not be a repeat of either offense.

please note that this email and the facts herein will be made public, and should you choose to treat me in this way, i will have no choice but to cancel the contract due to breach of the agreed costs on your part.
i will be forwarding details of my phone number via separate email, as this is being posted to facebook and twitter immediately.

i look forward to hearing from you

Paul barnard


One thought on “alert – new scam via disreputable foreign owned corporations!

  1. paul8ar says:

    they tried to call me today. i politely declined to discuss it on the phone as so many times ” saying one thing, and the problem doesn’t get resolved..” the very polite scottish man offered to write to me. which is nice.

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