Add y the ASA said that consumer research showed that the use of the phrase ‘Iain Duncan Smith’ or his image in advertising was “so likely to cause widespread offence he should not be used at all our thoughts here… (optional)

Pride's Purge

(satire – probably)

Amazon has sparked outrage by defending its comparison of Iain Duncan Smith to a c*nt on a Christmas card, arguing that although they were aware how offensive the Secretary of State for Work and Pension is to many people, he was featured in a “light-hearted” way that was not likely to offend any particular group, particularly as everyone knows he is one anyway.

The statement came after the Advertising Standards Authority banned an internet ad which appeared on for a Christmas card which openly featured a picture of Mr Duncan Smith alongside the text: “You’re a c*nt. Sorry, I meant to say ‘Merry Christmas’.”

But in a submission to the ASA, Amazon said that it should not have been banned because “the card was not offensive, aggressive or lewd in its use of Mr Duncan Smith. It was meant as a bit of light-hearted, irreverent fun about someone who we…

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