Blockade the Bailiffs – Take On The Sewer Rats Set To Profit From Welfare Reform

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bailiff-scumOver the next few months hundreds of thousands of people face losing their homes due to the Bedroom Tax whilst others will be driven into debts they can never pay by the endless tsunami of cuts to benefits.

Already some companies are salivating at the prospect of dragging families from their homes and stealing the few remaining possessions of those with least. Little more than a privatised police force to protect the profits of bankers and landlords, bailiffs will be just one of the many sectors getting rich on the back of the brutal and shambolic welfare reforms.

In the North West of England, Jacobs Bailiffs, one of the largest firms in the area, are chomping at the bit to get started.  A post on their website details how they have been actively promoting their vile services to make every last penny they can from the misery to come.  Whilst…

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“Counterpower” by Tim Gee — Pt 6: Four stages of a Counterpower movement: Definition and importance

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No 384 Posted by fw, January 3, 2012

Parts 2 through 5 of this series were excerpted from Chapter 1 of Gee’s book, Counterpower: Making Change Happen.  These posts centred on the three types of Counterpower – Idea Counterpower, Economic Counterpower and Physical Counterpower.

This post, Part 6, features a selected excerpt from Chapter 6, How the vote was won in Britain, narrowly examining the stages of social movements, with special attention to Gee’s own four-stage Counterpower model.

Gee introduces the stages’ conceptualization with a variant of the famous maxim: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” (According to Wikipedia, the quote is disputably attributed to Gandhi).

He notes that although “the quote is not without its problems . . . the maxim is a useful guide to action” in the sense that…

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ideas on bringing down the welfare reforms…

“Well you asked how we bring it down.

Here is an excerpt of my GL24 that I recently filed for the Appeal Tribunal.

“The claimant is ‘not’ asking the Tribunal to deliberate and return a finding in respect of himself being migrated to Employment Support Allowance. As he is aware that such an action, will create the similar legal quandary as that which the Department of Work and Pensions now find themselves, 

Instead, he respectfully asks, that the Tribunal dispose of this case with recommendation for a hearing before the upper tribunal. On what this tribunal would define as the lesser issues of points of law in respect of;

1. The Data Protection Act 1998, and the associated issues of the Department of Work and Pensions allegedly wrongfully declaring ATOS Healthcare as a Data Processor, when prior rulings by the Information Commissioner would clearly define them as a Data Controller in the Capacity of conducting the WCA.

2. The Right of Supersession (Social Security Act 1998). In which the state has not been showing sufficient or obtaining for the purpose of, evidence to Supersede an existing award of benefit. No supersession has been applied, which is in contravention of Social Security Act 1998, on existing awards, by the department of work and pension. (Those subject to the migration process).

3. That Declarations 4, 5, 6 of the ESA50 questionnaire, are allegedly in contravention of Article 7(1) ‘forced submittal to retrospective laws’ and Article 8 ‘forced termination of right of privacy’ of the European Convention of Human Rights. As well as being enforced with no right of Refusal in sharing of Private Personal information with other Data Controllers in contravention of The Data Protection Act 1998 and that ATOS Healthcare has not been correctly declaring themselves as a Data Controller in respect of the WCA in direct contravention of The Data Protection Act 1998.

4. That the existing award of Benefit Made under the Social Security Act 1998 (Incapacity Benefit Paid as Income Support), be reinstated as per regulation until the outcome of said Upper Tribunal.”

To put it simply this will force into the public domain that the Coalition and the DWP have been acting fraudulently to the tune of £Billions, also as a side effect this may well collapse the Welfare Reform Acts and the Coalition with it.”

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