luckily this is a fairy tale. oh wait…

COMMENT: “Daddy, read us a bedtime story!”

Cash: Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was an organized crime gang. While all the other gangsters were robbing, extorting and stealing on a small scale, they thought big. They convinced the people to grant them a government protected monopoly where they controlled the means of exchange, the very issuance of currency itself, backed by nothing.

With the exclusive right to legally counterfeit money in infinite amounts, and to quietly hand it out the back door to other central banks who quietly made it available to commercial banks controlled by the same organized crime gang, they were gradually able to fund so many political campaigns and set up so many lobbying firms they took over the national governments of countries all around the world.

They even were able to gain control of all the major news media and universities. Soon after, “democracy” only meant whatever they decided the people would be thinking about. They could teach college kids that freedom is flawed, that global governance is inevitable and necessary and that only monopoly can save the planet. They could select a president simply by saying his name in the media ten times more often than his challengers.

The law enforcement and intelligence agencies, whose job it is to fight organized crime and arrest gangsters, gradually had people loyal to the gangsters put into leadership positions. The State department, the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DHS, NRO, in fact all 17 of the federal intelligence offices started doing a NEW job, with many of them not even realizing what their new job had become. Their new job was to go after the competition of organized crime gang that runs the banks.

Sometimes, a big bank, like the World Finance Corporation, Riggs Bank or HSBC would be found to be helping to launder money and giving support to terrorist organizations and drug cartels, but nobody would ever go to jail. Often, while working an investigation, agents and officers would be warned off. Certain areas were off limits to investigate. While using the excuse of “the big picture” or “national security” the banksters, by controlling key politicians including the Presidents, and by controlling the State Department, could actually wage war on the nation and its constitution, fully intending to overthrow the nation by subordinating its constitution to the self-appointed unaccountable international organizations of the organized crime gang in charge of the international banks.

After establishing the neocons with bankster and CIA money, putting bullets into the heads of the Kennedy brothers in the 60’s, they ruled for decades without rival. They did get caught in a scandal called Iran Contra and about a dozen people were charged with crimes including destruction of evidence, but the former CIA director became President and pardoned everyone involved except for two underlings who got mere probation.

The banksters and their neocon black ops minions continued running illegal arms and cocaine. Eventually they became so sure of their own ability to get away with anything that they imploded 3 giant buildings in New York City, and even shot a missile into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the world’s most powerful military…and they got away with it. Then they blamed it people in the middle east so they could wage aggressive war, and get away with it.

More powerful than ever, they still have the ability to hit us whenever they want in order to have another excuse to remove more of the freedoms of the people. The few people called patriots or truthers who can see them and what they are up to have been labeled potentially violent radicalized homegrown anti-government ideological extremist hate groups. That’s all for tonight. Sweet dreams children.

The End?



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