DWP spanked by UKSA. Please help obtain a repeat for its ESA stats abuse


via DWP spanked by UKSA. Please help obtain a repeat for its ESA stats abuse.


Where’s Daddy’s Pig gets onto its second leg – or is that trotter?

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From the ‘Where’s Daddy’s Pig’ blog site:

“Artist Mark McGowan is to crawl on his hands and knees pushing a toy pig along the road with his nose an incredible three miles from number 10 Downing street to the Bank of England where he will hand in the pig to the guvenor Mervyn King in honour of his services to the destruction of the economy its facilitation of ideological austerity and the criminal activity of the City of London aka the City of Corruption.”

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The knock on effect of Benefit Sanctions

Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor

Having came across a Freedom of Information Request on the internet I have decided to blog this one because it is a birds eye view of what the Government do not see and furthermore how these sanctions were enacted into legislation without just due process and rightful cross examination to ensure that these sanctions do not cause harm and suffering to children.

This FOI Request goes as follows:

The Effects of Sanctions on the Teaching Profession by J Holt

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I am a deputy head of a junior school in a deprived city area and  I’m having a lot of problems with the effects of benefit denial/sanctions on my pupils’ and their respective parents’ please allow me to elucidate. Almost every day we are having to deal with the effects of so so-called welfare reform and when I had to deal with another extremely distressed parent today – who’s been sanctioned for…

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What you need to know about Atos assessments.

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Courageous whistleblower, Scottish nurse and ex-Atos employee, Joyce Drummond, who recently made a heartfelt apology to Atos assessment victims, has submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament Select Committee on Welfare Reform.

Joyce forwarded some of her notes to me, containing this information about Atos assessments. I have edited where needed, organised the notes and added some information to the text. I’ve included the contents from Joyce’s notes in full. Both Joyce and I share this information in the hope that people going through Atos assessments will find it helpful.

Joyce told me: 

“I knew nothing about Atos when I joined, and left as soon as I realised that there was no way to fight from the inside.  I stated at my interview for the job that I believed in social inclusion and social justice.

I went for 4 weeks training in England. The training did not prepare me for what…

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