Jarman: Leeds worst CHU in England! (Except for some others)


I don’t think there could be a much clearer example of the concerted, deliberate and wantonly inaccurate media campaign to undermine the NHS and achieve ulterior motives than today’s BBC News headline about the Leeds Children’s Heart Unit (CHU). It’s also perfectly in line with the track record of media and certain health interests in sullying the reputation of Leeds’ crucial and much-loved unit – a continued demonstration of the determination in certain quarters to see Leeds close even if there is no justification for it. There are too many articles on various facets of that story to link them all here, but if you want to see more a search of the blog for ‘Leeds’ will yield plenty of reading material.

The BBC long ago abandoned any pretence of impartiality on the NHS, instead contributing with gusto to the disinformation on issues like the A&E crisis, or even…

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The Return to Serfdom??


Today I find myself in absolute turmoil, like many others I live in such constant pain it drains me into fatigue and stupor; I also survive in fear and terror of that envelope which might sever my financial lifeline.  Because of this I write blogs, I share information via social networks & I take part in local events courtesy of an array of pain medication.

There are two specific reasons for my disarray, yesterday I doped up and with my partner/carer went into town to the People United bus; whilst there and being me, I decided to ‘get stuck in’. There was amongst several other activities, a cardboard cut out of the PM along with post-its & pens to collect the views of people on Government Policies; so armed with said equipment, I began to try and collect opinions. Politely I approached people and asked if they were’ happy with…

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Pls send this letter to your coalition MP

the recent communications sent by the UK Statistics Authority


There has been a big response from readers to the two recent posts (here and here) on the response of Tory MPs to questions from their constituents about the government’s blatant abuse of statistics (i.e. lies, since they continue to repeat them even after the UK Statistics Authority rebuked them and told them not to repeat the claims).

In particular, the fact that most MPs who bothered to respond had clearly simply cut and pasted their response from a Conservative Central template, as the wording was identical, and the fact that even this response completely failed to address the questions raised, caused much outrage.

I would therefore like to enlist your help to send a letter or email to every coalition MP that cuts out – or at least renders overtly embarrassing – the option of doing the same thing in response. Hopefully, the wording of this new…

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Dear Esther Mcvey – We’d like a reply please


Dear Esther McVey

We are very disappointed to find ourselves having to write once again to you after sending you our Open Letter on the 9th of May 2013, which was signed by over 800 disabled people, family and friends.

We find it astonishing that over a month later we have yet to receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the open letter let alone a reply. Are the opinions of over 800 disabled people, so unvalued by the minister for disabled peopled, that you think it is acceptable to fail to even acknowledge receipt of a letter from them?

You continue to use statistics that have been widely condemned by fellow Mps, Unions and even the Clergy. Once again we ask that you refrain from twisting the statistics about DLA and make some effort to re build confidence in both your department, and government statistics that have become devalued by your…

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More Charities Abandon Work Programme As Long Term Unemployment Continues To Soar

More Charities Abandon Work Programme As Long Term Unemployment Continues To Soar

the void

IDS-slugNothing demolishes the sham which is the welfare-to-work sector more than the soaring long term unemployment figures.

The number of people out of work for over two years has risen almost every month ever since Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled Work Programme, his magical cure for unemployment, began two years ago.  Today’s unemployment figures show this number has risen yet again, to 458,000 people whilst the number of those out of work over a year has jumped by 11,000 to just below 900,000.

This is despite the fact that the Work Programme, which has already cost hundreds of millions of pounds, was specifically designed to bring down long term unemployment.

It has been a dismal failure, with recent news of yet more charities abandoning the scheme.  Even Tomorrow’s People, the Tory dominated front organisation for brewing giant Diageo, announced they were leaving the Work Programme at the beginning of the…

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