They are corrupt to the Fracking Core – Cameron’s aide Crosby linked.

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 They are corrupt to the Fracking Core – The Coalition Government

The Coaltion Government is corrupt to the very core – the Earth’s core. The short termism of their policies is evident, plunging from disaster to disaster with no care for the damage inflicted to individual people’s lives as the welfare state, our NHS and public services are being demolished. They look no further than their own self interests.

The Independent reveals why, against all warnings, they choose to pursue a policy to release shale gas from fracking. The industry bosses have infiltrated our government ensuring the policies work to their own best interests.

Cuadrilla, which is chaired by Lord Browne, is searching for shale gas in Lancashire, but suspended operations there in 2011 after its drilling was found to be the likely cause of tremors in Blackpool.

The Government has signed up to the potential of shale gas after it…

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