Why ‘13,000 needless NHS deaths’ is more nonsense-propaganda


Please share very widely. We need accurate information out there to counteract the nonsense.

They’re at it again. Well, to be more precise, they never stopped – but yet again the unseemly, unbelievable assault on the NHS is being ramped up still further by those who wish its destruction to line their own pockets through lower taxes, company profits, perverted ideology or some poisonous combination of the three.

This time, the claim is of 13,000 ‘needless deaths’ at just 14 NHS hospitals targeted by the government for special inspections because of supposed high mortality rates. As usual, the Telegraph is at the forefront of the mob:


with other right-wing media close behind.

Once again, Professor Sir Brian Jarman – the author of the flawed HSMR (hospital standardised mortality ratios) mortality-measuring system is at the heart of it, too, as an advisor to Sir Bruce Keogh, who is overseeing the report…

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