It’s fraud, Lord Freud.

When speaking about disability benefits Government ministers have consistently abused numbers to make their case – but four inaccuracies within 27 words is surely a record.

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Lord Freud on Disability Benefits: 27 words, 4 inaccuracies – a new record?

Posted on 28 August 2013 by Paul Morrison

On 24 June Lord Freud stated to the House of Lords:

“I will set a little bit of context by saying that even in these hard economic times this Government continue to spend around £50 billion a year on disabled people and services to enable those who face the greatest barrier to participate fully in society.

That figure compares well internationally. We spend almost double the OECD average as a percentage of GDP – 2.4%against the OECD average of 1.3%. Only two out of the 34 OECD countries spend more.”   1

The last paragraph should have said:

“That figure compares averagely internationally. We spend 1.16 OECD average as a percentage of GDP—2.9% against the OECD average of 2.6%. Only 10 out of the 34 OECD countries spend more”

You have got to admire the consistency – the last…

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The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer; (and the economic fallacies we are led to believe.)


rich and poor

“The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer; that’s austerity, that is.”

Let me start by saying I am no economics expert; but what you are about to read- and possibly learn- is the big lie of government about austerity. I had written this and asked a friend to cast a critical eye over it and she agreed that it is accurate and pointed me to this article, which goes much further in explaining the way government finances work and how austerity does not get a country out of debt.

The Five Big Reasons Why Austerity Has The Opposite Effect From The One George Osborne Expects

If you find my effort at explaining the fallacies we are drip-fed interesting, I suggest you follow the link and read further.

We are told that if you only have £300 coming into your household budget, but have £301 going out, your household…

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DWP minister Hoban gets JSA amount WRONG – and jobseeking unaffordable

This letter reveals the reality of life as a claimant – threat, coercion, fear and unreasonable, unworkable, unaffordable demands to be met or else benefits will be summarily stopped.

The letter from Hoban reveals an appallingly cavalier, reckless, callous – and surely wilful – ignorance and disregard of the these realities, which are simply glossed over to present a picture of perfect reasonableness and ‘support’ of people who are in fact routinely victimised.


What I’m about to share with you demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt the reckless, couldn’t-give-a-**** attitude of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) toward the people it is supposed to be supporting.

It also demonstrates (yet again):

  • that the DWP’s concept of the the cost of living, the cost of jobseeking and the reality of life on benefits is utterly divorced from the daily experience of those for whom it is responsible (remember IDS’ ludicrous claim that he could live on £53 a week if he had to?);
  • the way in which the DWP, which has become thoroughly malignant under Secretary of State Iain (Duncan) Smith and other ministers, redefines benign words as their polar opposite in their attempt to disguise the attitudes and behaviours that are pushing millions into poverty, and making it harder for the unemployed to get work or even get by, as ‘help’ and ‘support’.

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Only one problem with the government’s list of top ten benefits fraudsters – it doesn’t exist

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

The Mail and the Express yesterday had articles about an official list of the top ten benefits fraudsters in the country which they say was published by the government.

Just one little problem with it.

The list doesn’t seem to exist.

There doesn’t seem to be any official list of top ten benefits fraudsters published by the government.

There are no links in either the Mail or the Express articles to any government website where the official list is published. No list on the DWP website and no mention of it on the official DWP press office Twitter feed either.

The Mail specifically wrote that Iain Duncan Smith had decided to publish the list – but there is no mention of it on his website or anywhere else.

In fact the only sources for any official list are – the Mail and…

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You Cannot Run a Public Service Like a Business, and Here’s Why…

The commercialisation of our public services…

Scriptonite Daily


One of the greatest myths of our time is that public services can be made more efficient if we run them as businesses.  The commercialisation of our public services has been a manifest failure, and the response offered by the mainstream parties is that we simply haven’t commercialised them enough. What they fail to understand is that a public service and a business are inherently different beasts and asking one to behave as the other is like asking a fish to ride a bicycle.

What is a Public Service?PS2

The primary aim of a public service is to provide a service to the public.  This service exists to avoid negative social impacts and protect crucial social utilities from the instabilities of capitalism.

Within living memory it was considered basic common sense that essentials like food, water, energy, access to health services, housing, sanitation and sewage, social care and core…

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The 35 Best Times Someone On Facebook Thought ‘The Onion’ Was Real

Thought Catalog

Just so we’re all clear, The Onion is a satire website.

“It is disgraceful”


“Poor people don’t have what it takes”


“How exactly did you get elected”


“Okay well that is your opinion”


“Really, wow I had no idea”


“This is true


“I don’t know what to think”




“No more brain dead than u and me”


“You must have some stats”


“It almost doesn’t sound real”


“I give up”




“How sad”




“The Onion who often plays games”


“My heart and soul weeps for these deceived people”


“Actually, more evidence is coming out”


“He’s a communist”




“This is what we pay these people to do”


“This is no joke”


“What makes it fake”


“I can’t even read this”


“There’s no such thing”




“Is it just me being prudish”


“Not to be a downer”


“London is…

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Benefits Britain and the Rise of Poverty Porn

Scriptonite Daily


Last night, Channel 4 engaged in yet more Poverty Porn, with the pseudo-reality programme Benefits Britain.  The programme followed several 2013 social security claimants as they were put through the 1949 welfare system. As with the other Poverty Porn Programming, the social security system was portrayed as costly, over generous and prone to abuse – and those reliant upon it as feckless and entitled.  It is time to bust the myths of Poverty Porn, and demand better from our media.

The UK in 1949


The UK of 1949 might as well be a different planet.  The public had voted out the Conservatives and the country was represented by the Labour government of Clement Attlee.  Confectionary such as sweets and chocolate were rationed.  The gas industry was nationalised in the May.  George Orwell’s book Nineteen Eighty Four was published in June. The world’s first passenger jet made…

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