‘Politics and Parasites’

#bedroomtax But the grand strategy is the age-old one of dispossessing low-income people from the high value land that they occupy… the long-term aim is social cleansing of the inner city.

Politics and Parasites

‘Politics and Parasites’ might once have been thought an unusual title but I doubt that anyone wonders at it now because the term ‘parasitic’ has had such currency since the 2008 crash… ‘Parasitic’ Bankers, Politicians, Plutocrats, Benefit Claimants and so on.

Nevertheless, I want to extend the analogy beyond the usual description of individuals/groups/professions as ‘exploiters’ of the host population aka ‘we, the overwhelming majority’.  Specifically, there are two tenets of parasitology which offer insight, warning and hope in challenging the corporate-financial-political nexus.

The first is a warning that the potential risks of contemporary politics are very high.

‘Over-parasitism’ can lead to the extinction of both parasite and host communities.  In other words, too many parasitic demands on the host may be lethal, which in turn, will spell the end for the parasite… unless of course, the ‘parasite’ has a ‘get-out’ in some cosy tax haven or climate-regulated dome.


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