Soylent Green, George Osborne and Plutonomy.

There is indeed a precedent for a deliberate wrecking of the economy

Think Left

‘Soylent Green’, the B movie of 38 y ago, was a potentially prescient science fiction set in 2022, New York.  The climate was stiflingly hot.  Housing was dilapidated and overcrowded.  There were people everywhere … sleeping rough, on the streets, on fire escapes and in stairwells.  There was no fresh food for most people, only the soya biscuits, Soylent Red, Yellow, and then, the Green of the title.  There were food riots where the bulldozers were sent in to scoop the ‘common’ people out of the way.  There appeared to be little infrastructure and certainly no social services other than the overloaded charity of the church. There was also, perhaps unsurprisingly, voluntary euthanasia.

Charlton Heston was the cop. Edward G Robinson, was his elderly researcher … old enough to remember what a banana and countryside looked like before over-population, the acidification of the oceans and climate warming,

But not everyone…

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