workfare schemes – keeping the rich, dividing the poor.

seems obvious that if there is unemployment – there aren’t proper paid jobs for those people.
i know that when i’ve been unemployed, or now i’m unable to work full time (despite what atos say, but that’s another story..) i have always wanted to get involved in something.
i used to volunteer for MIND, and now i work part time, ahving started by volunteering, at my local community centre.
i know that what is missing from the system, if you will, is the level of accepting that these things are valuable not only in being able to gain skills, have social connections and take part in life, as and when you can.
and for people with depression etc, it is a way to balance the horrors of the illness with the human needs for social activities.

these work schemes are false and as we all know, just a way to get free labour for rich companies, thereby destroying any job possibilties that might arise. 
i suggest that any money available be spent on creating community centres and social group facilities where we can take part on a totally voluntary basis. 
the centre i work at runs groups for gardening, music, family support for the terminally ill, as meeting places for local groups, councelling facilities, a local community radio station and a recording studio.

it works – it was there for me when i couldn’t work at all, but needed to stay in touch with others, and now it gives me a chance to contribute both part time paid, and voluntary when my health permits.
and all the groups, activities are run, devised and organised by volunteers of different situations, supported by the few paid staff, when necessary.
what other choices do we have?


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