Unum – Alleges FMS is Mental and Nervous – Again!

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FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia  has been a stone in Unum’s shoe as far as I can remember. In the past, Unum conducted surveillance on every FMS claim submitted to it, and was severely taken to task as part of the multi-state settlement for abusing its discretion in subjecting FMS claims to the 24-month mental and nervous provision. Clearly Unum, and most other insurers benefit by claiming FMS is “only in your head.”

In fact, DCS, Inc. is in possession of a “white paper” written by several of Unum’s internal physicians (Edward C. Alvino, MD, Robert N. Anfield, MD, Nancy Ball, MD, Norman Bress, MD, Alan Cusher, PhD., Marianne Justin, Les Kertay, Ph.D., Paul Martin, MD, Burton McDaniel, MD, and Thomas McLaren, Ph.D.), all infamous claim killer Unum reviewers.

It is not surprising then, to read under the title of “Our Current Position Statements on Fibromyalgia” what Unum’s position really was and is still…

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