Why the DWP can’t publish the benefit reform death figures

I can’t access anything about 100,000 WCA deaths, can you post s link? Thanks

Get counting 😦    Kill the ill

Let me explain about the 100 000’s of deaths! The first break down is a old figure. That was 10 000, then the next figure from was a speculative figure supposedly kept as a confidential count from the campaigning charities active in this area. That figure was 50 000. Then came across a figure posted in the Guardian by Oxford Universities Medical Statistics Research Unit that under this government financial policies in the last four years, 1 in 28 deaths was preventable due to lack resources ( they mean staff!) The gave a total which numbered in the 100’s of thousands. So applied to the 1 in 28 the number I worked out was around the 80 000 untimely deaths in the NHS over the last four years. Those two figures I totalled up were around the 149 000 five hundred mark.
So 90 000 of that 149 000 is ROCK SOLID mortality rates under this vile government. The 50 000 is speculative because we don’t have the hard, raw figures in front of us. Regarding Oxford. Their health statistics un world it and research is second to none in this . I don’t doubt their figures at all.

Here are a few of the 67,300 who have DIED
Number is mathematical
223.2 deaths per week
10,600 sick & disabled people died last year within six weeks of their claim ending
10,600 deaths divided by 47.5 weeks = 223.2 deaths per week

Therefore for every 6 months 10,000 die

How many months have they been doing this now.
40,000 DEAD ( Some time ago)

http://blacktrianglecamp aign.org/2014/10/21/uk-welfare-reform-deaths-updated-list-october-21st-2014/

Remember even if we say a Low number 70 dead ever week over 6 years= 21,840

People whose family members have died while going through the DWP/Atos work capability assessment are being urged to contact a disability specialist – who has been seeking international legal action against the austerity-enforced injustice.

I hadn’t seen these figures before, and they say there’s no death penalty in UK. But there is if you’re poor, sick & disabled.

ESA death statistics – DWP say they will publish details, but won’t say when.

DWP Ordered To Reveal Benefit-Related Deaths

ESA death statistics may never see light of day


The DWP have launched a last minute appeal against an order by the Information Commissioner that they must publish controversial claimant death statistics. There is now a strong possibility that the figures will never be published.

Employment and support allowance ‘death statistics’ cover the number of ESA claimants who have died soon after being found fit for work, as well as those who died after being placed in the work-related activity group.


Court rules PIP delays unlawful, but disability minister mocks ‘absurd’ claim disabled have human right to timely support


Wanted! A group of professional people to include benefit lawyers, lawyers specialising in criminal law, Ex. DWP assessors, Ex. ATOS assessors, medics who have coroner expertise, social workers, statisticians with expert knowledge of public health statistics especially forensic stats. All positions are voluntary as I’m attempting to build a team that will lead to the eventual prosecution of our current political leaders. If you have a love for humanity and never want to see our political leaders treat the terminally sick and disabled in such a contemptuous vile way again please join me in this quest!
Pass this on and post it all over

Filing a class-action lawsuit against the government
To: Michael Mansfield QC

6,660  of 7,000 signatures
We’re asking you to represent us in court
Why is this important?
Will you help to spread the word? We’re filing a massive class-action lawsuit against the British Conservative government over its hugely unpopular, unfair and destructive Austerity plan. We see it as embezzlement of public funds. We need the best lawyer’s support, and we believe we CAN WIN THIS. Please, SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS via any and every means at your disposal, including but not limited to facebook, twitter, email and word-of-mouth.

People can contact Michael Mansfield QCs Chambers directly, to tell him how much they value his support and how popular this cause is already and how it’s quickly going to go viral.
We want half a million petitioners, all the people who attended the June 20th march and rally to Parliament.
Campaign created by Tony Laing 


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    Amazing research into the figures of deaths due to thte UK cut offs in Benefit amongst people with disablities .. Please watch the video on the link ..

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