Welfare System Doesn’t Make Sense For People With MS, Says MS Society Report

Same Difference

Having MS is enough

It shouldn’t be made harder by a welfare system that doesn’t make sense for people living with the condition. Welfare support is vital for many people with MS. It helps them to manage the extra costs of the condition, stay in work for longer and participate fully in society.

Yet the current system is not making sense, too often ignoring invisible symptoms like pain and fatigue and failing to recognise how MS can fluctuate. Benefits assessors do not always take evidence provided by professionals into account, and too often people with MS are under pressure to repeatedly prove they need support. 

Sign our petition to make welfare make sense

That’s why we’re campaigning to make welfare make sense 

We are calling on the UK Government to make welfare make sense.

  • Disability benefits assessments must accurately take into account the fluctuating and hidden symptoms of MS and…

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