STEPHEN CRABB UPDATE: the full story, and seven unanswered questions

The new dwp champion of the poor.

The Slog.


Conceivably, some of us may have been underestimating the broader power and politics of the man running the DWP

mesnipThere seem to be a number of ‘loose ends’ knocking about in relation to the existence or ottherwise of Stephen Crabb the SME – not to be confused with Stephen Crabb, the shining example of flying-brick sensitivity at the DWP currently happy to leave at the very least 320,000 1950s born women destitute. The Slog here attempts to tie them up – and help readers form their own conclusions about the broader ambitions of the Secretary of State.

At 9 am CET last Wednesday, I posted a piece about Stephen Crabb’s business arrangements and landlords. I used this page capture from Zoominfo:


The post went sort of sub-viral, and at approximately 10.35 am the entry was abruptly removed…on my browser. Other browsers could still, however, see it. By the end of…

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