Labour Purge – 10 Reasons for Hope

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In the wake of “Labour Purge 2,” it’s easy to become despondent.

Here are 10 reasons to be hopeful:

  1. Labour HQ looks incompetent. Labour’s NEC made history, taking steps unprecedented in British politics. Backed by General Secretary, Iain McNicol, Labour has culled over a third of its members. Purging the head of the Bakers union (BFAWU) led John McDonnell to demand the protection of members from a “rigged purge.” Presented with little to no evidence of their suspensions, members have received letters outlining vague justifications, such as “sharing inappropriate content” on social media.
  2. Iain McNicol will resign. The systematic abuse of members and supporters is a final “Hoorah” from the General Secretary and his outgoing team. The NEC will soon have five new representatives; promising to protect and serve Party members. McNicol cannot survive this.
  3. A purge won’t happen again. Labour can look forward to a future where Party members and supporters…

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It’s not just Data Protection that Virgin broke by releasing CCTV

Oops – #traingate


They say when you point a finger to accuse, you’ve got three pointing back at yourself. Virgin’s attempt to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity is casting the company in an extremely bad light.

Not only is the company now under investigation by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) for a probable breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) in its decision to release CCTV footage of Corbyn (and others), but it turns out that the company also contravened the promises to its users contained in its own privacy policy.

Virgin promises only to use CCTV footage of its passengers as follows:

virgin privpol

Let’s look at each of those bullet points to see whether they apply:

  • prevent, deter and detect crime Nope, no crime was being committed
  • apprehend and prosecute offenders, and provide evidence to take civil action in the courts Again, Nope, no crime, no courts, just running to the media
  • help provide…

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Welfare Reform Deaths – Your view

Stop UK lies & corruption

Welfare Reform Deaths Welfare Reform Deaths

Nick Barker – RIP
Former sheep farmer, Nick had a brain haemorrhage which left him struggling to walk. The father of two shot himself after the DWP claimed he was fit to work. Recording a suicide verdict, coroner Michael Oakley said the benefits assessment was key to the tragedy.

Nick’s photo:

Robert Barlow – RIP
Robert worked as a Government scientist but gave it up when diagnosed with severe cardiomypathy. The DWP deemed him fit to work. He died penniless under 2 years later.

Robert’s photo:

Cecilia Burns – RIP
Cecilia had cancer. Atos called her in for one of their assessments. The DWP declared her fit to work, but she appealed the decision. She died shortly after winning her appeal.

Cecilia’s photo:

Chris Cann – RIP
After losing both legs & a finger to diabetes, Chris was housebound. Despite this, the DWP insisted…

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Coroners versus DWP

Stop UK lies & corruption

A number of coroners have come out and stated the DWP played a role in the death of their clients. The DWP have the cheek to say the coroners are wrong – who are you more likely to believe – the professionals whose job it is to investigate deaths or a Government department with its own agenda?

Coroner Michael Oakley said the DWP benefits assessment was key to the death of Nick Barker.  Coroner Andrew Haigh concluded the death of Tim Salter was mostly caused by the DWP who drastically reduced his benefit.

Meanwhile these people died under questionable circumstances with the DWP.  Cecilia Burns had cancer.  The DWP declared her fit for work.  She appealed the decision but died shortly after winning her appeal.  Chris Cann was housebound after losing both legs and a finger.  The DWP insisted he exited his home to attend a fit…

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