Idiot’s guide to cutting public services.

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How to cut public services following a bank bailout.

1) Take several months to reframe the situation in peoples heads, talk a lot about tough decisions, and deep financial crisis. Scare people enough that they don’t sit back and consider what caused the mess in the first place. Do not under any circumstances discuss the fact that the cost of the bail out is escalating by £50billion a quarter.

2) Prepare public for ‘hard choices’. (In preparation for step 6 it is a good idea to also start demonising unions about now. If there are any industrial disputes occuring I advise hijacking them for this purpose.)

3) Identify a public service that is relatively cheap and voter friendly- pledge to ringfence it. Surestart is a good example. Vocal commitment to a scheme like this, can distract people from the cuts you are making everywhere else. A pledge to protect aspects…

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